About your therapist:

Jamila! How long have you been involved with massage and bodywork, and how did you become an Licensed Massage Therapist?

To answer this question, it’s probably best that I share my story about what brought me to where  I am today – helping those dedicated to their wellness achieve balance in mind/body/soul through massage therapy, bodywork, and other holistic methods.
Massage therapy helped me out of a severe depression in 2008. I was in a work environment that stressed me: I was anxious and on-edge. NOTHING seemed to make me smile anymore. My stomach was always upset, I wasn’t sleeping well, and I was having panic attacks. That’s when I had to go back through my memories and remember my mother’s wisdom in such situations.
As a child, my mother would use massage therapy to de-stress family members after work conferences and other taxing/stressful events. When I was five, I thought everyone’s mom walked their dad’s back!
I used massage therapy and other holistic methods to extract myself from my negative thought spiral, and then to thrive! Almost 10 years after that depressive low: I am in the best health of my life.
I want others to live balanced, healthy lives – so they can thrive and do what they do best. I’ve since started Vibrant Wellness (with my mother) and worked with many clients to share the methods of tension release, deep muscle relaxation, and balance with others.


Through all this, I’ve come to realize: you cannot do your “best” if you are stressed and compromising your emotional well-being. Events and everyday interaction do not seem the same if you are in physical or emotional pain. We have to be compelled to take care of ourselves the same way we care for our loved ones – even if that only means taking a moment for ourselves to be still and relax!

Who are your clients?

I work with people just like you who are ready to make the changes to reshape their lives. Those looking for more in life! Those looking to live free of stress/tension/pain, those want to live unhindered and have unity in wellness with their mind, body, and soul!

  • Those looking to maintain their sense of well-being and happiness
  • Those looking for substance-free pain relief from old injuries
  • Those seeking postural re-alignment and increased mobility
  • Those working to conquer anxiety, digestive issues, or insomnia

What makes us different from other therapists?

I focus on my work, because I take pride in what I do. I will ensure that we’ve communicated before/during/after the massage so you get results! I do not “water-down” my sessions: if you meet your needs quickly – fantastic! You have me as a catalyst for progress in the direction of your choosing. I work on the inner and outer considerations for maintained wellness and look at your wellness process from a pragmatic, holistic, and spiritual perspective.
What that means to you have a personal therapist who is making you aware of small changes you can take to affect your wellness; ways to stop patterns of sleeping/driving/sitting that might be causing you trouble. You’ll get honest, straightforward responses from me: I don’t beat around the bush. I tell it like it is so you can make the progress you deserve.
Here’s a snippet of part of the process for my clients:

-Learning your wellness goals
-Devising a personalized treatment plan for your shift in well-being
-Viewing your posture and gait
-Locating areas of restriction
-Checking muscle strength
-Watching for joint range of motion
-Performing the agreed modality of bodywork that best suits you
-Providing you with the self-care knowledge to have lasting wellness

Does this really work?

Yes! The result of my work is deep relaxation, lowered stress levels, more balance in body and mind,  increased focus, and more! (See What Clients Say)

What results can I expect?

You can expect:

  • Lowered stress level
  • Letting go and release of trauma in the body – breathing, digestion
  • Anxiety dissipating and peace/calm setting in
  • Creating new standards for yourself
  • Rewriting your wellness story
  • Specific stretches and tips for maintenance

What have some of your former clients said about what it’s like to work with you?

Please see the Client Testimonials page.

Jamila, based on everything I’ve read and heard: I know you’re the one I want to work with for massage and bodywork. What are my options for getting started with you?

Congratulations on making a decision for success!

I’m happy to work with you to achieve your goals.

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OK, I’m ready to do this for myself, but I have a couple of additional questions. Can I call you?

Yes! if you have a couple of questions, just email me at hello@vibrant-wellness.us or call me directly at (480)420-9923 and I’ll be happy to talk through which option is best for you. I excited to see your progress and am honored to be the one to help you. Let’s do this!

In Wellness and Health,
-Jamila Tolbert LMT, Owner/Operator of Vibrant Wellness

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