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Types of Therapeutic Massages offered

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Relaxation Massage

Relieve muscle tension. Increase sense of well-being. Increase circulation.
This type of massage is most common in the US.
Also known as Swedish massage.
Techniques include long flowing and rhythmic strokes


Not just a foot massage!
Reflexology sessions help the body function applying pressure to the areas
on the ears/hands/feet to stimulate the nerves that correspond to related organs and systems.
Reflexology is very relaxing, especially for people who stand during their work day (or just have foot pain)

Cranial Sacral Therapy

Great for releasing tension in the jaw, neck, shoulders, and hips!
Light, gentle pressure helps realign joints and release compressed areas
Very relaxing, great for chronic pain from illness


Deep relaxation, pain relief, increased focus and inner strength.
Helps accelerate the body’s natural healing abilities.
Stimulates the nervous system and aids the body in balance and regeneration via increased negative ion transfer to increase the metabolic process of the body’s cells.
No touch modality.


Relieve deep muscle tension.
Clears mental fog.
Give yourself a boost of energy.
Stand a little taller!
This is an active, clothed modality involving vigorous stretching.
Techniques include rhythmic friction, circular motion, rotation, stretching (lazy man’s yoga)

Deep Tissue Massage

Relieves chronic muscle tension.
Shortens injury rehab time.
We will work deeper layers of muscle with friction & slower, deep strokes.
Note: Some have minor soreness and increased body awareness after a deep tissue massage.
Icing an area is recommended (or a bath soak followed by an ice pack)


Do more of what you love!
Decrease pain, increase efficiency.
Work smart, not hard.
Reach new personal bests.
Maximize the functionality of your movements.
Increased Strength. Flexibility. Mobility. Stability.

Structural Integration

Get in alignment with gravity!
Free yourself from posture pain.
Improve performance and prevent/rehab injuries
(and adopt new ways to move that keep you pain-free and in alignment)
Clothed modality, we will check your gait and movements
to create a personalized protocol for your needs.
We will locate and release restrictions in the body that cause pain.

Know what you want,
but not sure about the best method to achieve your goal?

We are happy to discuss options with you!
Call us at 480-420-9923 and a Licensed Massage Therapist will help you decide on a session, and create a personalized session that meets your needs 🙂

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